Celebrating the Importance of Home Care Aides for National Home Care Aide Week


Here at Prestige, we seek to make each and every employee feel valued through intentional, proactive compassion and a devotion to making their lives better. As you know, our passion here is to give people a better life than yesterday, and that goes for everyone, employees, caregivers, and patients. This week, November 13-19th is a nationally observed National Home Health Care Aide Week! So for the blog, we figured we’d tell you a bit about the celebration, and why Aides are important!

A Week to Recognize the Frontlines

Part of the Full Month of Home Care & Hospice Month, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice celebrates this week to commemorate advocacy and attention to home health care aides.

“Join us in honoring these compassionate, tireless workers who play an invaluable role for their clients as caregivers, companions, and friends.” nahc.org

Now is the perfect time to stand up for our home care aides and you can connect with your elected officials to help create positive change at https://p2a.co/zr0juwz

Why Are Home Care Aides So Important?

The home care industry is growing, and the need for caregivers is looming as more and more adults will need home care in the near future. Home care aides provide services to elderly, ill, or disabled persons. They travel directly to the home or facility to help assist, and in many cases are a big part of whether or not a person can continue living in their own home, or move to another setting or facility.

Duties of home care aides vary based on need, and client, but home health aides take vital signs, and assist in moving patients who need assistance. They can also administer basic medications. Home health care aides may drive patients to and from medical appointments. They may assist in purchasing groceries or providing meals and must be sure to follow dietary guidelines. Grooming, bedding, and dressing are all duties of a devoted home health care aide, as well as some who work long hours and assist with patients who need round-the-clock care. Some may travel back and forth to a patient’s home several times a day. Documentation is a crucial aspect of an aide, communicating with a case manager or other supervisor to ensure all needs are being met.

Types of Home Care Aides

There are varying degrees of home care aides. You may see some acronyms like CHHAs, or Certified Home Health Aides, CNAs, or Certified Nurses’ Aides. For cases with higher needs in the medical field, you may see a Registered Nurse (RN), or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Any aides should undergo regular training, and re-training, and stay in constant contact with the supervising nurse or case manager.

5 Reasons Someone Would Make a Great Home Care Aide

  1. They are a hero who aims to help people
  2. They have a positive presence that matters to people
  3. They aim to change people’s lives for the better
  4. They seek to heal and comfort
  5. They love giving their all for those who need it most

We want to say thanks to all the home health care aides out there, both here within Prestige and all over the world! You truly are the warriors who help to hold up those who are at their weakest, and your presence is extremely valuable! We hope today helped readers better understand how important these heroes really are, and maybe even convinced someone to join the home health care army! Stay tuned on Linkedin for more posts and tips about the home health care industry! Have a great week!